Nonagon 2023: STRÖM

A spark and then, a flow. All elements move forward, propelled. Synergies are formed on land, through air, by water. The sounds and images of life undulate back and forth, towards and against time.

Connections are medium-born. Sound travels through space, which travels through time. Images travel through light, that travels through bodies. The flux is ever-lasting, and never-ending. At the heart of all things: an impulse, energy, a stream. In every cell and every neuron, in every vehicle and every house, the river and the current.

Nonagon, sitting on its nine sides, acts as intersection and conductor of many currents. The Ångerman river provides the essential enclave, a force that finds its way into many households, as water energy. A vital source, the river feeds those around them, transforming itself into many types of streams. Now, the power of regulating the river’s flow has changed the landscape, and the current is reversed. Does the current ever belong to itself?

Once, another stream was sparked. The river fed the trees, and the trees became logs that fed the people. Once, the logs were one with the current, and people navigated the trees to infuse an industry that is now only a rivulet. But energy is never destroyed, only transformed. During the festival, this stream is being re-discovered, steered, imbued into a sound-mill, an industry of culture.

Connecting to another current of power, the oil cisterns, beacons of primal energy, are now transformed through time, providing space for many more mediums to take place: sound, image, technologies, neurons, connections. Paths are formed.

A rare flow is created by an art-piece, its creator, and its receptor. A river of many torrents, it runs and brims and flows, lighting proverbial bulbs in its wake. Sparks are born and, once again, propagated. The sounds and images echo through time and spaces.

From the river, to the cisterns, people’s households and people’s bodies, the artists and their audience… The current is forever flowing.

Author: Caroline Singh Belmar