Anneli and Tove Nowén’s latest art project takes us on a journey from darkness to light, depicted through a cube within the dim cistern on Svanö. The cube symbolizes the beginning of life, inviting us to experience contrasts and reflections.

Upon entering, we are greeted by an overwhelming sense of darkness that, paradoxically, feels bright. The black fabric absorbs sound, creating silence, while light dances over the smocking’s textures, casting shifting shadows. It is as if we are stepping into another universe, where darkness carries a softness and sense of security.

Surrounded by the contrasts of black and white, we are reminded of life’s cyclical nature. The cube symbolizes the small universe we all once called home, a reminder of the journey from darkness to light, from beginning to new beginning. This is an experience to be felt, an inner journey prompting us to reflect on our existence and place in the world, reminding us of the potential within darkness for stillness, reflection, and comfort.