Fia Fiell is the moniker of Melbourne synthesist Carolyn Schofield, whose intricate and improvisatory compositions for multiple keyboard synths derive from meditations on growth and transcendence. Silk-gentle and immensely powerful, the sound worlds she creates seem to spirit-forth from immaterial planes, bathing audiences in a nebulous melange of lush melodic cycles and spectral drones. Time and rhythm become elastic – like an organic membrane breathing and pulsing. 

A prolific performer in Australia, she’s performed at festivals for Berlin Atonal and Room40, supported artists such as Merzbow and Laurel Halo, and had her work commissioned by Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio and the Australian Art Orchestra. Her recent release for Longform Editions, ‘Endless Filament’, presents a dynamic approach to drone music through a constant unfurling of tones and subtle melodies; contrasting with the lo-fi free melodic language of her debut album ‘All In The Same Room’ on Nice Music.