Sofia Jernberg – voice 

Kjetil Møster – sax, clarinet & electronics 

Mats Gustafsson – sax, flute & electronics 

A new concept and a new type of hard uncompromising music with poetic power and melodic beauty from Norway, Sweden and Austria. An alloy of influences from rock and jazz in which elements from Mauritanian, Ethiopian, Indian and Scandinavian folk music merge into something novel. Electronic instruments meet voice and acoustic instruments in a musical fantasy with energy at the core. The members of the group have worked internationally for a long time in groups such as Fire! Orchestra, Cloroform, Möster, The Thing, Paavo and in a wide variety of other ensembles. Individually, they have worked with artists like Sonic Youth, Bob Hund, Neneh Cherry, Four Tet, Chick Corea and others, in venues as diverse as opera houses, rock festivals, jazz clubs, theaters, museums and outdoors all over the world. These influences come to play naturally in the trio’s music and create new associations for the listener. THE END uses all influences and impressions to fuse them into completely original music with improvisation at the center. An expression of deep poetic pain and joy coexists with melodies, riffs and musical outbursts. THE END’s music plays freely between rock’s hard riffs, folk’s beauty and jazz’s fantasies. A meeting where sung poetry is given great prominence.