Practical info

What is Nonagon:
An experimental audiovisual festival.

Where is Nonagon:

In the old oil storage tanks located on the island of Svanö, the heart of Ådalen.

When is Nonagon:

On the 7th of August, the two cisterns will be opened up and transformed into a one-day festival venue with audiovisual performances and interactive installations.

Get to Nonagon:

By train:
Closest station is Kramfors station. From Kramfors you can take the buss, but it departs very seldom, so a ordering a cab or hitching a ride with someone is recommended.

By car:
872 93 Sandöverken
Parking will be available

Coordinates to the location :
62.898611330958964, 17.882956377287933

Staying at Nonagon:

Toilets and cleanliness:
At Folkets Hus nearby there is a bunch of toilets for visitors. River and freshwater is available close by.

We’re happy to announce that we will have the company of “East & Thai Food” during Saturday for the even. Feel more than welcome to buy something from them.

Food in general:
Otherwise, a pizza place/grill is nearby the store and about a 10 minutes walk. You can also bring your own food and cooking gear, of course.

Wifi doesn’t exist. But 4G is usually alright.

Tent site:
You are free to stay anywhere near the site or close by, there’s loads of space for everyone.