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  • Transforma


    Creating images and atmospheres with a strong focus on material properties, abstract storytelling, and a hands-on approach to production, Transforma have developed their own language within the live visual experience. Transforma produce audiovisual performances, installations, and projections for music, and work extensively with theatre and dance. They have longstanding collaborations with numerous artists, directors, and…

  • Torbjörn Fernström

    Torbjörn Fernström

    BIGBEATMANIFESTO / VISUALS BigBEatManifesto’s visuals stem from applied noises, real world assets and animated patterns. In pursuit of the organic and natural look in unnatural elements, shapes and movements, his work invites you to exploration.   Easy on the eye but stimulating for the brain, the visuals seek to pique the viewer’s interest in a landscape…

  • Björö/Brännström


    Based in Umeå, the artist duo Björö/Brännström explores the intersection of textile, sculpture, dance, and sound. Hanna-Thea Björö, who has a background in architecture, explores textiles as a spatial material in relation to bodies. Andrèas Brännström, on the other hand, focuses on experimental and conceptual sound, often integrated with sculptural installations. Together, they have previously…

  • Ovan Jord

    Ovan Jord

    Ovan Jord is a Stockholm-based art collective that seeks to integrate various creative expressions—such as music, technology, sculpture, and visual art—highlighting a passion for techno and experimental electronic sounds. The group focuses on creating installations, experimenting with social events, building interactive art, and collaborating with experts from various fields to inspire new artistic perspectives.

  • DJ Seduce

    DJ Seduce

    Bouncy and emotionally charged – Sweden based DJ Seduce has quickly become a vitality to the modern rave scene. Nurtured by a lifelong love for music, every shred of influence spills out in her take on contemporary club music. Breakbeat science is her craft, driven by emotive melodies and well-executed rhythms, effortlessly moving through landscapes…

  • Fia Fiell

    Fia Fiell

    Fia Fiell is the moniker of Melbourne synthesist Carolyn Schofield, whose intricate and improvisatory compositions for multiple keyboard synths derive from meditations on growth and transcendence. Silk-gentle and immensely powerful, the sound worlds she creates seem to spirit-forth from immaterial planes, bathing audiences in a nebulous melange of lush melodic cycles and spectral drones. Time…

  • Anneli & Tove Nowén

    Anneli & Tove Nowén

    Anneli and Tove Nowén’s latest art project takes us on a journey from darkness to light, depicted through a cube within the dim cistern on Svanö. The cube symbolizes the beginning of life, inviting us to experience contrasts and reflections. Upon entering, we are greeted by an overwhelming sense of darkness that, paradoxically, feels bright.…

  • Bogdan Szyber

    Bogdan Szyber

    PERFORMANCE LECTURE: Att närma sig Riten A performance-lecture and open discussion about the ritualistic aspects of live arts. Perforrmance and visual artists have been inspired by and drawn from the ritualistic since the early 1800s of the Romantic era. All in the quest to achieve a deeper understanding of oneself and one’s surroundings – a…

  • Emil Faisal Hasselberg

    Emil Faisal Hasselberg

    Emil Faisal Hasselberg is a Swedish Artist born in 1999. He grew up in the city of Gothenburg, but spent his last years in the mid- northern parts of the country where he started his blacksmithing education. In the summer of 2023 he started the BFA Metal Art program at HDK- Valand, Campus Steneby. In…

  • THE END Trio

    THE END Trio

    Sofia Jernberg – voice  Kjetil Møster – sax, clarinet & electronics  Mats Gustafsson – sax, flute & electronics  A new concept and a new type of hard uncompromising music with poetic power and melodic beauty from Norway, Sweden and Austria. An alloy of influences from rock and jazz in which elements from Mauritanian, Ethiopian, Indian…

  • Eirik Brandal

    Eirik Brandal

    Eirik Brandal (b. 1991, Stavanger, NO) is an artist and composer based in Stavanger and Riga. While originally studying music composition, his work has shifted toward electronic sound sculptures, looking to uncover the intrinsic beauty of circuits. By laying the circuits out in an architectural fashion, their context is changed from being functional objects to…

  • Planetariet


    Planetariet is a post-rock band from Umeå, Sweden, rooted in a shared fascination with space. For over ten years, soundscapes and melodies have painted pictures of space and its phenomena. With the latest album ’Saknas’ released last autumn, Planetariet has found something that is distinctly theirs.Looking inwards instead of outwards, ’Saknas’ tells the story of…



    Elme Ämting is a sculptor who lives in Kramfors. She works mainly with the human form, especially the head. She focuses more on inner than outer likeness and her sculptures can be both brutally disfigured and tenderly adorned.



    Issatrinity teams up with Jahanam for another b2b yet again the unofficial official bestie duo seem to always bring a high energy of different club music no genres mentioned only sexy music.



    Future Daughter is a noise/electronica group from Trondheim founded in 2014. They have released on Orange Milk Records, #FEELINGS, Mutants Mixtape and Kropp Uten Grenser, among others. In addition to records and live performances, they work with installation, theatre and film. Through sampling, synthesising and digital processing, they explore a musical landscape based on a…

  • Dolce


    Dolce have been amongst the brightest stars in the Swedish indie sky since 2014 and have left no one untouched by their unique brand of pop with influences from jazz and psychedelia with a touch of melancholy. This year the duo released their third album ‘Ett liv’ and we are ready to be spellbound!



    Yoann Durant works internationally as an artist, composer, saxophonist, singer, songwriter, actor and performer.He is currently developing his 5 personal projects, Mécanique Désir (solo saxophone), Still Life (saxophone/breakbeat/electro), Franc (pop in French/hiphop/electro), Chambre Noire (instrumental), Immersion (ambient) both in studio, on stage, in clubs, performances, museums, film, photography and fashion.His Art revolves around the Neutral…



    Toying with the base notes of trance and pop music, Himera moulds emotional and story-driven soundscapes. Having released their debut album in 2022 including collaborations with the likes of Petal Supply, Hannah Diamond and Tohji, they present a body of work full of synth-heavy ballads and disorienting pop tunes.



    The European forefront techno figure Patrik Eriksson (Dold/Arsenik Records) and the audiovisual avant-gardist Annie Tådne meet in the new dynamic constellation Stora ord, premiering their audiovisual set at Nonagon. This collaboration merges their distinct artistic realms into a cinematic journey, a cross-pollination of sub-genres with a nod to their techno and breakbeat origins. Mixing Dold’s…

  • Sarahsson


    Theatrical, and grotesque – the visually arresting live performances of Sarahsson are something to behold. By fusing classical music with metal, experimental electronics, and hardcore, the Bristol-based composer, producer, performance artist, and DJ creates a distinctly personal sound world in which she explores themes like queerness, identity, history, and belonging. Moments of sublime beauty are…



    Diane Emerita has been described as one of the brightest voices on the Swedish music scene today, and her music as ”pop that stops time for a moment”.21-year-old Diane grew up in Germany and Sweden, and has already lived in several places around the world. Based in Malmö, she describes how the many moves have…

  • Trio Ramberget

    Trio Ramberget

    Trio Ramberget was formed in early spring 2016 when the three members, with backgrounds in jazz, free improvisational music, and classical music, played together for the first time. During an improvisation, they landed on a simple D major chord, and it was like something happened at that very moment, as if they heard a major…