Linnéa Talp
Francesco Fabris & Ava Imogen Grayson
Maria W Horn
Hola Sound Art
Obay Alsharani
Astrid Sonne
Olof David Åhlén
Fredrik Gran
Seinabo & Simon on the Moon
Bottenvikens Silverkyrka
Идиот & rip ME
Brenda El Rayes
Jannah Quill

Folded Visuals
Adèle Tornberg
Torbjörn Fernström
Annie Tådne
Klara Kristoffersson
Zuzana Bottová
Carla Zimbler

Jakob Jennerholm Hammar
Erika Kristofersson Bredberg & Jakob Ojanen
Erik Malmsten
Zuzana Bottová
Fredrik Gran

Tattoo Booth with Vicknpoke
Make your own Jewelry
Deep Listening with Björn Eriksson
Linoleum Print Workshop with Anneli Nowén


A limited resource that both helped us to where we are today but also divided us, which started war and conflict just by being, with it’s great ability to provide us with energy. Energy that everyone wants, for themselves. During this year’s festival the artists will perform and exhibit their work inside what was previously filled up to the walls with oil. And as a memory echoes the gratitude but also the contempt for what otherwise would not have been. The bittersweet in that nothing comes without consequence.


Nordic Lights is the union of three emerging audiovisual festivals on a mission to explore culture synergies through experimental collaboration. Through an open call with 119 submissions, 12 artists were selected and paired into 6 new AV acts that will be performed at Aavistus in Helsinki, Nonagon in Sweden and Monument in Norway. The project is supported by Nordic Culture Point and Nordic Culture Fund.

Four musicians or artists were selected to participate in a one-week residency at the oil tanks at Svanö. They were paired up to created two audiovisual works which were later performed at the festival.

ROSYAN & Zuzana Bottová: Occurrences

The history of the oil cistern is the key to open the door to the translation of the space. What used to be a factory in the past is becoming a more organic place in the present. Still the imprint of the sulphite factory remains in the environment. The patterns of the walls, inside and outside, make the graphic score for the piece. By letting the cistern lead the way through the composition, both auditorily and visually, the structure becomes transparent, translucent and transsonic.

Rosanna Lorenzen is a Danish/Iranian composer, cellist and sound artist. In her solo project, ROSYAN, she explores the meeting between the acoustic and electronic world.

Zuzana Bottová is a Slovak/Finnish visual artist and lighting designer. Her work explores perception, unexpected and unintentional emergences, as well as questions of ecology and reality that we as people create.

Ava Imogen Grayson & Francesco Fabris: Petra

Every place contains traces of events that have occurred over time, like a geographical palimpsest. Around the cistern is the natural fodder for future crude oil (plant and animal matter), below the cistern is the land from which Swedish culture flourished, and far below is stone: the spine of the earth that we tap into to satisfy our societal need for fossil fuels. Deconstructed sounds, field recordings, and footage from the oil tank have been pieced together with traditional Swedish herding calls (’kulning’). Data charts of oil consumption and demand have been used to shape the narrative structure of the piece, which depicts the transformation of natural processes of decay into processed materials that have the ability to empower and endanger.

Ava Imogen Grayson is a Canadian/Finnish sound artist and pedagogue based permanently in Helsinki. Their work as a trained composer and sound experimenter focuses on creating experiences of connection and interconnection with that which is considered ‘other’.

Francesco Fabris is an Italian/Icelandic sound artist working with live electronics, sound, light and intermedia installations. His personal work generates from a diverse range of interests mainly associated with procedures that depict sound and visual forms out of a naturalistic context, while often filtering the outcome with machine-driven techniques.