Carla Zimbler


As a visual artist, Carla Zimbler (AUS) bends light across interior/exterior architecture and soaks sculptural forms in vivid textures as a live performative experience. Her site-specific installations shift orientation and perspective to redefine spatial boundaries and transcend the everyday, kindling desire for otherworldly places of belonging. Carla invites audiences to examine abstract ephemera and contemplate the intricacies of the micro/macro and cosmic worlds we exist in.

Utilizing creative technology and generative software to explore luminous phenomena, bodies are drawn into immersive spaces where sound-responsive visuals expand, burst and dissolve. These intimate, experiential worlds explore concepts regarding emotional connectedness, symbiosis, metaphorical lightness/darkness and other contrasting dualities.

Carla’s visual work has been featured at Sydney Opera House, National Gallery of Australia, List í Ljósi, Reykjavík Winter Lights, Distortion Ø, VIVID Festival, Melbourne Music Week and Sydney Biennale. Carla has designed and operated for ACMI, Arts House, Phoenix Central Park, Mixcloud, Boiler Room, W Hotel, Apple and the Centre for Projection Art.