Francesco Fabris


A collaboration realized through the Nordic Lights open call and residency week, with support from Nordic Culture Point.

Ava Imogen Grayson & Francesco Fabris presents Petra:
Every place contains traces of events that have occurred over time, like a geographical palimpsest. Around the cistern is the natural fodder for future crude oil (plant and animal matter), below the cistern is the land from which Swedish culture flourished, and far below is stone: the spine of the earth that we tap into to satisfy our societal need for fossil fuels. Etymologically, the word ’petroleum’ came into usage in 1546 and translates from Latin to mean ’stone oil’.

Through their collaborative audiovisual work, Fabris and Grayson weave a site-specific narrative of the cisterns of Svanö and their surrounding geography. Deconstructed sounds, field recordings, and footage from the oil tank have been pieced together with traditional Swedish herding calls (’kulning’). The resonant frequencies of the cistern provide harmony and percussive sounds recorded through the walls and roof of the cistern create rhythmic elements. Data charts of oil consumption and demand have been used to shape the narrative structure of the piece, which depicts the transformation of natural processes of decay into processed materials that have the ability to empower and endanger.

Francesco Fabris is an artist based in Reykjavík and working with live electronics, sound, light and intermedia installations, AV works and recording studio productions as producer, mixer & engineer. His personal work generates from a diverse range of interests mainly associated with procedures that depict sound and visual forms out of a naturalistic context, while often filtering the outcome with machine-driven techniques. The main ideas gravitate towards field and foley recordings exploitation, acoustic ecology, sound synthesis, audio spatialization and data sonification as composition tools. He’s constantly collaborating on films, installations, performances, stage works and records.