Rosyan & Zuzana Bottová


A collaboration realized through the Nordic Lights open call and residency week, with support from Nordic Culture Point.

ROSYAN & ZUZANA BOTTOVÁ presents Occurrences:
The history of the oil cistern is the key to open the door to the translation of the space. What used to be a factory in the past is becoming a more organic place in the present. Still the imprint of the sulphite factory remains in the environment. The patterns of the walls, inside and outside, make the graphic score for the piece ‘Occurrences’. By letting the cistern lead the way through the composition, both auditorily and visually, the structure becomes transparent, translucent and transsonic.

Rosanna Lorenzen is a Danish/Iranian composer, cellist and sound artist. She explores the meeting between the acoustic and electronic world. With her cello in the lead role, she interacts with the instrument and its possibilities, going through electronic manipulation. Creating atmospheric soundscapes she continuously balances between improvisation and predetermined form.
She works and collaborates across genres, with other musicians, visual artists and performances.

Zuzana Bottová is a visual artist and lighting designer. Her work explores perception, unexpected and unintentional emergences, as well as questions of ecology and reality that we as people create.