Tattoo Booth with Vicknpoke


You will find me in the tattoo booth during Saturday for machine free tattoos, or stick and poke as they’re also called. I find inspiration in a lot of things around me including nature but also the surreal, adding contrast in many forms such as black and light, cute and weird, or dot work and lines. Hand poked tattoos are more gentle than machine tattoos, and for some even therapeutic. 

I will have a flash sheet with pre-made designs for you to pick from. The theme is primarily oil, but also summer, Norrland and other various bits. 

Email to book in advance, flash or custom, or drop by my tattoo booth to get your handpoke. The tattoo booth will be open between 10am and 6pm, limited slots available. 

More info to come and designs will be released within the next week. 

Can’t wait to meet and tattoo you!