Nonagon är en konst och musikfestival, i två nedlagda oljecisterner på ön Svanö, Ångermanland.

Under temat VOID fylls cisternerna med liv, färg, lust och verklighetsflykt. Att mötas av cisternens långa efterklang på 25 sekunder är som att ta ett steg ut i tyngdlösheten.

Säkra biljett & möt oss i TOMRUMMET

NONA – the cistern

  • Transforma
  • Torbjörn Fernström
  • Fia Fiell
  • Sarahsson
  • Trio Ramberget

APEIRO – outdoors

  • DJ Seduce
  • THE END Trio
  • Planetariet
  • Dolce

MYRIA – art exhibition

  • Björö/Brännström
  • Ovan Jord
  • Anneli & Tove Nowén
  • Emil Faisal Hasselberg
  • Eirik Brandal


Jewelry workshop

Welcome to the jewelry workshop with Amanda Nowén @nowa_earrings

Here we create earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings, your choice! We have a lot of different beads to offer including lettering beads. Leave the workshop wearing your own simple jewelry creation and get hooked to come back and make more.

Drop-in Friday and Saturday 12.00 – 18.00

No prior knowledge is required and all ages are welcome.

Graffiti workshop med KAPE 

Vi skapar tillsammans ett konstverk på en vägg, med hjälp av vår fantasi och en bunt sprayfärger. Måla ditt favoritdjur, skriv ditt namn, eller bara testa att spraya.

Alla åldrar är välkomna, inga förkunskaper krävs. Kom och måla!

Linoleum workshop

Make your own prints at the linoleum workshop, held by Anneli Nowén! Use a piece of paper, fabric or bring your own t-shirt.

Deep Listening workshops

Welcome to listen deeply together in the environments around Svanö island. During two hours we will be doing different exercises and scores from the Deep Listening practices, movement exercises, listening meditations, extreme slow walk, text scores by Pauline Oliveros, IONE and Heloise Gold. Workshop facilitators are Björn Eriksson and Sharon Stewart.

Friday 26 July: 12.30 – 14.30

Saturday 27 July: 11.00 – 13.00

Email your name to to secure a place in the workshop. Please add the date you would like to come! It’s also possible to sign up directly during the festival days, but please note that the workshops have a limited number of 24 participants. Sign-up and meet-up is by the workshop tent. 

The workshops are free (included in your festival ticket). If you would like to attend but have no festival ticket, you will need to pay a separate ticket of 100 kr.

Swish 100 kr to 123-3155793

Performance lecture:

Approaching the ritual

A performance-lecture and open discussion about the ritualistic aspects of live arts. Performance and visual artists have been inspired by and drawn from the ritualistic since the early 1800s of the Romantic era. All in the quest to achieve a deeper understanding of oneself and one’s surroundings – a truly timeless endeavor. What is a performative ritual? On what grounds is it performed? How does it relate to space, the body, the audience, and, if possible, The Void?

Performance artist Bogdan Szyber will present video examples and invite a discussion about the role of the ritualistic in contemporary performances.